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Balloon Ride


Details of Workshops, Presentations and talks 1
Details of Workshops, Presentations and talks 2
Details of Workshops, Presentations and talks 3
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Recent workshops run...

Evelina Childrens Hospital School
(November - December 2016) See pictures / blog here!
Bethlem and Maudsley Hospital School (December 2014 - December 2016)
The Cartoon Museum (October 2013 - August 2016)
Dixon's Allerton Academy (June 2016)
St Mary’s Church of England VC Primary School, Swindon (May 2016)
Carshalton Boys (March 2016)
Harris Primary Academy (March 2016)
Waltham St Lawrence Primary School, Twyford (March 2016) See pictures / blog here!
Woodside High School (March 2016) See pictures / blog here!
Thomas Fairchild Community School (May 2016)
Biggin Hill Primary School (February 2016)
St George’s Catholic Primary School (January 2016)
Tetherdown Primary (January 2016)
MIND Harrow (December 2015) See pictures / blog here!
Hockerill Anglo-European College (November 2015)
Hackney Central Library (October 2015)
Poole Museum (October 2015)
Shoreditch Library (October 2015)
intu Shopping Mall Bromley (October 2015)
Maple Court Academy, Stoke-on-Trent (September 2015)
Corelli College (September 2015)
Court Lane Infant School, Portsmouth (June 2015)
Greenacres Primary School (June 2015)
Haverstock School (June 2015)
North London Collegiate School (June 2015) See pictures / blog here!
Whitehall Junior School (June 2015)
Shacklewell Primary School (May 2015)
Rokesly Junior School (April 2015)
Greenfields Community Primary School (March 2015)
Hale End Library (March 2015)
Harris Primary Academy Merton (March 2015)
Into University Hammersmith (February 2015)
Albion School (January 2015)
Sutton Grammar School (December 2015)
Hammersmith & Fulham Adult Learning (September - December 2014)
Charlton Park Academy (November 2014)
Greenwhich Theatre (October 2014)
The Institute (May 2014, October 2014)
Lady of Dolours (July 2014)
Kenmont Primary School (July 2014)
Cartoon Creation Corner - The Big Picnic, Chatham, Kent (June 2014)
Gnash Comics (May 2014)
Cranmer School, Merton: Private workshops: (March 2014)
The Big Write, Festival of Children's Literature Discover Children's Story Centre(March 2014)
Unheard Voices Project (Apples & Snakes) Islington Secondary Schools (February - March 2014)
Food-a-Fair, Cultivate, Urban Food Growing Festival Waltham Forest, London (March 2014)
Walthamstow Library (February 2014)
Higham Hill Library (February 2014)
Purley Library Manga Club, Purley Library (January 2014)
The Institute (May, Oct 2014)
Gnash Comics, Devon (May 2014)
Blackheath High School (December 2013)
Barking Learning Centre (Barking and Dagenham Reading Festival) (October 2013)