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As a solo act, I write and perform under the name Last Precious Cookie. In my head my tunes are influenced by Imani Coppola, Cornelius, Harry Connick Jr, The Roots, No Doubt, Tori Amos, Missy Elliott, Pizzicato Five, M.I.A, Nelly Furtado, Prince and Dr Seuss. Whether any of that is noticeable by the time it's all been smooshed together I don't know.

The noise mixes electronic and organic instruments, letting the songs guide me wherever they want to go. I've always liked acts with many flavours swirled into one, so that's the music I make.

I've composed and performed podcast themes including Rose Is.
I created the score / theme and sound effects for Ming Xien Yeo's cartoon Penveda Day Spa.
I've also remixed tracks for acts such as Anorak Light and Mindlobster.

Cosmic Dog Electro Pop CoverA-Z of Absolute Truth Sample

You can listen to these album tracks from the Last Precious Cookie album, Cosmic Dog Electro Pop on the music player:

The A-Z of Absolute Truth
Perfect Circle
Paper Beats Rock
Cosmic Dog Electro Pop
7 Day Deity
Sweet Freak baby

The A-Z of Absolute Truth was later adapted into a mini-comic as part of the Tempo Lush Mini-Comics Box Set.