Ah, sweet Lucy!  One of the ocean’s social outcasts.
She does her best to play with the cards  life deals her.  She also rocks on guitar.
Lucy’s pet pufferfish.  After a nervous introduction, Lucy relishes having someone that doesn’t recoil at her site.  As long as Lucy keeps Puffy in Puffy Puffs, the leading Pufferfish treat, they get on fine.
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Lucy’s sister Yasmin is popular, pretty and always in style.  She’s more than happy to help Lucy with her wardrobe, as it will make it less shameful should anyone find out they are related.
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Lucy’s brother Justin loves playing games with Lucy. His favourites are “Put seaweed in Lucy’s bed”, “Hide Lucy’s breakfast” and of course “Flick an elastic band at Lucy’s head.”
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Lucy’s sister Patricia is an absolute sweetheart.  To most folk that is.  To Lucy down right scary.
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Lucy’s brother is not as hostile to her as many folk in her life.  On the other hand, he’s not likely to step in to help her in times of trouble either.
He prefers to be a neutral observer of Lucy’s struggles, purely for the sake of academic research of course.
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Mum and Dad
Lucy’s parents pride themselves on their parenting, but don’t believe anyone can show affection to five children so they channel all their love to just four of theirs.  This leaves their attitudes towards Lucy ranging from indifference to hostility with possible homicidal tendencies.
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Miki and Rami
Miki and Rami seem to mindlessly breeze through school and epitomise Lucy’s classmates.  They tend to either ignore Lucy or make her feel like pond scum.
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