Congratulations to the winner of the recent Lucy competition Mawusi Blewuada, who won a role in this week’s strip after giving Lucy the following advice:

Just keep playing guitar and make your own path, don’t worry about those who don’t appreciate you. There are so many cool octopodes out in the world who will totally love you!

Well done to the runners up who also gave fabulous words of wisdom for Lucy…

Nicole Thomas:

Know it’s hard to believe but a lot of people you don’t know yet think you’re pretty amazing. Have you thought about trying to write your own songs and perform them? Not going to lie, it will be hard sometimes… But the great feeling you’ll get when it works will make it all worth it.

and Lily Withycombe:

Dear Lucy,
Firstly, I think that you are a lovely little octopus and I hope that one day I can give you a big hug.
I want to tell you that life can be tough when you’re young and living at home. You can’t get away and you don’t even know that there is a better way of living. Soon, however, you will be able to leave home, go to Octopus University, get a job, and have independence. You will make important life choices and meet wonderful people along the way. They will benefit from your kind and humble personality.
In the meanwhile, my advice is simple: please move in with me. I have a comfortable bathtub where you can sleep, and I live near the fountains at Central St. Martins, where we can walk every afternoon for a splash and even a swim in the canal. I know that you will eventually have to go back to school and your family, but I think you need some time out. Be kind to yourself and have a break.
Your steadfast friend,
p.s. I would like to tell Lucy that purple teddy bear beanies really suit her. But that it doesn’t matter what she wears anyway – it’s what’s inside that counts.