In the week beginning February 25th 2013 something special is happening to a select group of UK webcomics…

Twelve artists have taken up the challenge of swapping art duties amongst their respective webcomics and working to each others’ scripts.

No swap-backsies!  The creator of each comic will draw someone else’s comic and a third artist will draw the first creator’s comic.  Simple eh?

WASP (Webcomic Artist Swap Project)

I’m very excited to announce the amazing array of artists and webcomics involved…

Nich Angell Cat and Meringue
Sammy Borras Instant Comics
Rebecca Burgess Strangers and Friends
Sarah Burgess Blake Sinclair
Richy K. Chandler (me!) Lucy the Octopus
Francesca Dare Penny Blackfeather
Evelyn Hewett Fruit Machine
Zarina Liew Le Mime
Naniiebim Here Be Demons Mephistos
Jade Sarson Cafe Suada
Louise Wei & Dave Hodgkinson Panda & Polar Bear
David O’Connell, creator of Tozo The Public Servant will also be contributing art!

Check out the official site at…