Event Pics! MCM Expo October 2012: Comics, Bears & Cosplayers

I had a great time at this past weekend’s MCM Expo.  Thank you to anyone who came to chat or buy things from my table.Great to see a whole kaboodle of other creators, like these lovely folk…

Josceline Fenton busy drawing her comic Hemlock
The mighty Dan Lester
Chloe Citrine & Laura Watton
The lovely view from my table: Ushio
Tammy Taylor!

While at my table, I was busy making some bear shaped mini comics box sets…

I also did Lucy the Octopus Style Portraits of a whole bunch of lovely people…

Superman and Wonder Woman – in casual dress
Yay for Totoro!
Catgirl and Pikachu with Plush kitty
Blue Haired Panda Girl!
Mad Hatter and the March Hare
Merlin Closeup
Playstation Fan and mum

MCM wouldn’t be MCM without cosplayers!

This Alice (American McGee’s Alice to be precise) was all cheery until she posed then became macabre in an instant!
Ash and Pikachu
Jayne Cobb from Serenity / Firefly
Me and No Face from Spirited Away
Belle from one of my favourite Disney movies, Beauty & the Beast, as portrayed by Aigue-Marine

And last but not least… some excellent Daphnes, Velmas, Scooby-Doos, Freds and Shaggys – the whole Scooby gang in fact!

Check out my post with tips for selling at MCM here!

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