Lucy, ?uestlove and Nuno…

Okay – I’ll be frank.  I’m posting this old Lucy the Octopus comic strip, because one of my musical heroes ?uestlove, drummer for the Roots mentioned another of my musical heroes Nuno Bettencourt, guitarist for Extreme in a recent tweet and I remembered I’d done a strip where the two of them jam with Lucy!  So this post is basically made to tweet back to ?uestlove!

Lucy's Dream Team

Personal ?uestlove related story! 
5 years back, my pregnant wife and I were chatting over baby names.  She wanted an Arabic name (what with her being from Iraq and all), and we’d narrowed it down to about five.  I didn’t really feel a connection with most of them so it was going to be hard to call the fruit of my loins something that didn’t spark.  I was talking this through with a couple of friends before the show at a Roots gig (who are battling with Tori Amos over the act I’ve seen live the most – around 8 times a piece I reckon) at Somerset House and it clicked that my musical inspiration ?uestlove’s full name is Ahmir Khalib Thompson.  One of the names on our short list was Emir.  Different spelling but close enough for it to suddenly gel.  After the Roots rocked the house I went home and let my wife know we had a baby name we could both get behind!

Anyway, the strip was made as part of the program of the Oxford based 2009 Caption Comics Convention.  It’s a bit hard to look at three year old artwork when you hope you’ve improved but what the hell!

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