Evelina London Children’s Hospital Comic Workshops

Last week I spent a fantastic morning at Evelina London Children’s Hospital School, part of St Thomas’ Hospital.  It’s an amazing building and the school staff were all really friendly –  perfect to help the child patients there learn and recover.

I started off in the school classrooms, teaching some comic creating basics and answering some brilliant questions that the pupils had prepared…

Next I moved on to the actual  hospital wards, doing whistlestop visits to each bedside.  Sometimes I asked the children to draw for me and often I got to draw for them – footballers and cheetahs seemed popular requests.

Being in variable hospital wards, each child had different needs.  One boy couldn’t use his drawing hand so both of us drew using our weak hand.  He challenged me to draw a horse, which is hard enough to draw even with your stronger hand!

Pictures used by permission of parents and staff.

Very pleased to say I’ve been asked back for another visit to the hospital next month!  You can see the school’s own report on my visit on their website here!

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