Small Press Live Show

Okay, so a few weeks ago I finished creating the Lucy the Octopus comic strip which I’ve been working on since 2012.

I planned to have a bit of a send off at my favourite comic shop Gosh Comics in Soho, London.  I timed the final strip to go online the same day that the last print issue, Just the Dregs, would be released… Thursday 6 Oct 2016.

Parties are always more fun with more people involved and two of my good friends, both immensely talented creators, were kind enough to offer to share celebrations with me.  Francesca Dare was launching her latest Penny Blackfeather comic…

And Amber Hsu of One Pound Poems created a special poetry zine in time for the event, The Moon and the Eye

The good people of Gosh Comics helped prepare, including Nora Goldberg-Fourrel who pulled together a great poster when we barely had any art ready for it…

And soon it was the night of the Small Press Live Show!
Here’s all our new material ready for the party goers to look at and purchase…

Francesca with fellow comic creator Cherish York

Trying to keep our launches interactive and fun, we asked attendees to write insults for Lucy, as well as some compliments.  These would come into play during the musical section of the evening later on…
Box drawings by Francesca…

launch-07  launch-09
Writer and cake baker extraordinaire, Nas Bee made some delicious Pear & Chocolate cake for the event…

And we were off!  Francesca introduced the night…

…before Amber delighted the crowds with the first of four poems taken from her new collection…



Then Francesca gave us a little insight into the making of Penny Blackfeather (as well as panda romance)…

We’d asked the party goers for some spontaneous questions for Francesca to answer.  Some were comic related.  Some were way off topic!

Amber treated us to to a beautiful poem on a difficult subject

Then it was time for the Lucy the Octopus Musical (of sorts), which I’d been writing for a few months.  I was glad to have frequent collaborators and musical friends alongside me (from left to right) Miki Mangione on ukulele / vocals, Miss E (Enoma Igiehon) on guitar / vocals (both from my old band Kablooie) and comic creator Sally-Anne Hickman on percussion and vocals.

Best selling illustrator Mike Medaglia was kind enough to jump in and control the imagery in the background of the musical…


And the audience did an amazing job learning words and singing along when needed!
The unmistakable silhouette of Andy Oliver of Broken Frontier

I already knew Amber Hsu is multi-talented but was blown away at how easily and well she handled being narrator.   We’d not had a chance to rehearse altogether before, but the first performance was great fun and I’m very proud of my musical troupe

The evening rolled on with more entertainment!  Another poem from Amber, The Poet

Francesca said a few thank yous…

…and Amber did her final poetry reading of the night…

Then to round off the entertainment, Miss E and I had a bit of a musical battle (which she clearly won – amazing guitarist that she is) and we all went on to play a surprise cover tune, where Francesca and Amber joined in on maracas…


I was very grateful for the amazing contributors who lent their talents to the night and  everyone who came along to join in the fun, including my old friend and amazing musician / singer Piney Gir

From left to right: Writer / cake baker Nas Bee, Francesca Dare, Me, Amber Hsu and talented musician and composer Garo Nahoulakian

It was a great evening!  Cheers all!
launch-29Thanks to Nas Bee, Pete Bunzl,  Amber Hsu, Tibah Hussain and Cherish York for photos and videos!

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