Waltham St Lawrence Primary School

One of my favourite days of comic workshops this year was back in March when I visited a lovely school called Waltham St Lawrence Primary School in Twyford.

Teacher Zoe Cubbage was incredibly helpful on the day and was kind enough to send some comments from the children…

“Richy’s drawings were very good, especially when he drew the boy’s hair.” Thomas
“He inspired me to also write comics as well!” Hannah
“I liked when he drew pictures for the classes.”  Lettie
“He had a very good imagination.”  Beth
“He does very good guinea pigs pooing out rainbows with a top hat.”  Dominic
“I want to be an artist and he inspired me to become one.” Poppy
“He is really funny.” Jared
“He is really talented.” Emily
“He knows how to put the pictures together so there are no gaps.  This was quite clever.”  Matilda
“He did better drawings so now I do better drawings because he inspired me.” Harriet
“He has a good growth mind set.” Azaan
“He has the best drawings that I have seen so far.” Jack R
“I really enjoyed having him here.” Jack B
“I think his comics were really funny.” Amelie
“I really enjoyed the day and I will never forget it.” Jessica
“I think he is really good at drawing and he has inspired me to have a go.”  Vinnie
“He taught me a new way of drawing.” Callum
“He is the best drawer in the world!” All of Skylar

Zoe also sent some copies of some of their amazing comics strips.  It’s wonderful to see what the pupils could achieve after just one short workshop.  Enjoy!

Leon… waltham-leon


Unknown artist…waltham-unknown




Matilda…waltham-matildaThis Kiss by unknown creator… waltham-The-kiss
Thomas D…waltham-Thomas-D

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