Lucy the Octopus in 16 pixels squared

I’ve been working on some updates for the Tempo Lush website, like the new blog header above.

One fun but incredibly tricky element of tweaking the site was making a new favicon.  For those who don’t know, and trust me – I didn’t until I really had to, a Favicon is the tiny icon that appears next to the web address in many internet browsers (certainly in Safari and Firefox).  The trick is to get an image into a 16 pixel squared space.  It’s kind of like the graphic design equivalent of writing your name on a grain of rice.

For my favicon I depicted my character Lucy the Octopus listening to some kick ass tunes on her favourite over sized headphones.  For those of you reading this on a browser that displays favicons you can see the 16 pixel version in the address bar now, but here’s a larger version to see Lucy in all her pixelated glory!

Lucy the Octopus Favicon

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