Tempo Lush Tales of the Tanoox Tasters: Francesca Dare, James Hickman and Kim Clements

A final set of snippets of wonderful pictures from the recent Tempo Lush Tales of the Tanoox anthology on the theme of positive change.
Each contributor also suggested a positive idea in keeping with the theme of the anthology…


Previous works include: Penny Blackfeather

Positive Idea:  “No matter how down and alone you feel, there is always someone there to talk to.  Your friends, your family, even a teacher or a doctor.  And hey, there’s always a comic hermit in London who’ll listen if you want.
Remember that you are loved.”

Art sample from her Tempo Lush tale:  UndertowFran-Tanoox-SampleJAMES HICKMAN

Previous works include: Score & Script

Positive Idea:  “It’s an old cliche but we were given two ears and only one mouth.  It’s a reminder that we should listen more than we talk.
Change is inevitable but positive change is entirely up to us. It’s a journey that begins only when we stop going wherever we’ve been heading and take the time to listen to one another.
Also bring snacks.  Snacks are always welcome on any journey.”

Art sample from his Tempo Lush tale:  ColossiJames-Tanoox-SampleKIM CLEMENTS

Previous works include: The Great Cat Mystery, Rabbit Thoughts

Positive Idea:  “When I feel down I think about the famous Audrey Hepburn quote that there is much beauty in kindness.  I also find that when all the anger and the sadness of the world makes things feel difficult, that it can be easy to look through people. I hate myself for doing this so I always try to slow down and imagine people’s life stories and talents that I pass on the street.  When I do this I feel much happier and I often end up having spontaneous conversations.”

Art sample from the Tempo Lush tale:  Bugleberry Tree
TLT-2-Cover-Double-Page-Spread-UpdateYou can get hold of the book online here, or at Gosh Comics!

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