Tempo Lush Tales of the Tanoox Tasters: Keara Stewart, Amber Hsu and Paul Shinn

More snippets of fabulous pictures from the recent Tempo Lush Tales of the Tanoox anthology on the theme of positive change.
Each contributor also suggested a positive idea in keeping with the theme of the anthology…


Previous works include: On The Escalator, A Bit of Undigested Potato

Positive Idea:  “I was born at the Royal Free.
The Royal Free Hospital was founded in 1828.  It relied entirely on charitable donations not just for day to day running but to develop the pioneering research for which it has become famous.  Amongst many innovations, The Royal Free was the first hospital to treat patients for free, the only hospital in London to treat cholera victims, the first medical school for women in England and the first hospital to admit female students.  No one would choose to spend a lot of their life in hospital, but for some people that is reality, whether or not it is temporary or long term.  The staff in a hospital can make all the difference to your experience, from consultants to massage therapists, nurses to volunteers.  All hospitals have their problems, but some of the warmest and most compassionate people I have ever met have been at the Royal Free.
I am proud to be a Royal Free baby.  Let’s love and protect our NHS.

Art sample from her Tempo Lush tale: 1948
Keara-Tanoox-SampleAMBER HSU

Previous works include: The Sardine and Gherkin – A True Love Story – and other One Pound Poems, Tiny Pencil

Positive Idea:  “Sometimes a single act of kindness can save someone for an entire life.”

Art sample from her Tempo Lush tale:  There Was Once…Amber-Tanoox-SamplePAUL SHINN

Previous works include: March of the Penguins, Look What I Drawed

Positive Idea:  “The British Red Cross responds to conflicts and natural disasters around the world, providing humanitarian aid to those in need.

Art sample from the Tempo Lush tale:  Bugleberry Tree
Paul-Tanoox-SampleTLT-2-Cover-Double-Page-Spread-UpdateYou can get hold of the book online here, or at Gosh Comics or if you’re heading to any comic festivals this year you can find me and Tempo Lush Tales of the Tanoox at…
The Lakes International Comic Art Festival (Kendal, Saturday 17 – Sunday 18 October 2015)
MCM London Comic Con (Excel London, Friday 23 – Sunday 25 October 2015)
Thought Bubble (Leeds, Saturday 14 – Sunday 15 November 2015)

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