Comics at North London Collegiate School

I had a great time yesterday visiting the North London Collegiate School in Edgware.NCLS-01It’s an impressive place, dating back to 1850 when it was the first school for girls in the UK and also the first school with a  headmistress.  I had a look at some of the A-level art on display – an incredibly high standard showing so many creative ideas.

One sure sign of a good school is the range of comics and graphic novels in the school library!  This didn’t disappoint as Terence Chan, the Senior School Librarian explained he’d had help selecting the titles from my friend and collaborator Steven Walsh of Gosh Comics.  Nice to see Francesca Dare’s Penny Blackfeather there amongst the goodies!
NCLS-02Nice to see I was expected…
NCLS-11Really pleased at the reception of my comics masterclass
NCLS-03NCLS-04NCLS-05NCLS-06NCLS-07NCLS-08NCLS-09NCLS-10…and my talk on my work as a comics freelancer and self-publisher!    NCLS-12NCLS-13NCLS-14NCLS-15NCLS-16 Now the students are working on three panel comic strips for a competition which I’m looking forward to judging!

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