Thought Bubble 2013 Round Up

I had a fun-filled weekend heading up to Thought Bubble Comic Con in Leeds.

Thanks to everyone who came by my table to say hi or pick up some Tempo Lush goodness!

TB2013-01I was glad my tower of bear boxes didn’t collapse…TB2013-02 It was great doing commissions for nice folk that stopped by.
Some Lucy the Octopus style portaits…TB2013-03 TB2013-04 TB2013-05 TB2013-06…and Mike & Sulley from Monsters Inc!TB2013-07 TB2013-08Being stuck behind a table for a weekend is made lots of fun by all the cool people than visit!
Here are Hayley Charlseworth and Sarah Turner. Sarah is taking part in WASP 2014 with her webcomic Folklore.TB2013-09Here is, comic creator and video maker, Dan Lester‘s friend Schmurgen Jonerhaffs.TB2013-10The friendly smiles of Alex Hern, Molly Muldoon ( who runs the Dr Who blog, Confused Companion) and Aaron Tavaler who interviewed me for The Big Smoke Podcast which he runs with Karim Flint.TB2013-11Two talented creators and awesome buds Sally-Anne Hickman and Francesca Cassavetti.
TB2013-12Even talented creators have to eat.  Dinner at Wagamamas with (L-R) Van Nim, Sally Jane Thompson, Zarina LiewPaul Shinn (my roomie!) and me…
Plus (L-R) Saul Taylor, Francesca Dare, Jess Cave, Andy Poyiadgi and Elliot Bagget.
TB2013-14Richard Carter and Chantel Beaven.
Ah yes! Here we have myself sitting alongside Mike Medaglia. I was very happy to pick up my copy of his new Avery Hill Publishing title, Seasons, complete with bookmark, bookplate and portrait…
TB2013-17 TB2013-18 Had much fun on the train journey home playing Mariokart with Van Nim, Paul Shinn and Zarina Liew (who seemed to be having the time of her life).TB2013-20Just about recovered from the weekend now!

If anyone missed picking up any Lucy the Octopus comics or other Tempo Lush stuff you may want to visit my online shop!


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