Lucy the Octopus Style Portrait: Ming Xien & Arbi

Here’s a portrait I did of two of my bestest buds, Ming Xien (who I met doing an Art Foundation course in Wimbledon many years ago) and Arbi (who met Ming Xien while she was doing a computer animation course in Canada).  They are heading off to Canada very soon and I will miss playing Wii and arcade Games with them, and hanging with them in general (I suppose).  I’m hoping they will buy a Wii over in Canada so we can Mariokart race each other from across the world.As I was doing the portrait at home I could take a bit more time than when I do Lucy style portraits at comic shows.  Aside from my friends you can also see a Rabbid (from the Wii game we’ve so often played), Mike the Knight (which is one of many cartoons Arbi has been an animator on, alongside The Backyardigans and Disney’s Handy Manny) plus a penguin from a cartoon Ming Xien made herself.  Watch Penveda Day Spa here (with music and sound effects by me)!

Incidentally, another mutual friend, Illustrator Paul Shinn also drew Ming Xien and Arbi a leaving card.  Check it out here!

Bon Voyage guys!

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