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Richy K. Chandler is the creative force behind Tempo Lush, producing comics and illustrations.

After earning a diploma at Wimbledon School of Art, Richy graduated from Camberwell College of Arts with a degree in Ceramics. He’s had work published in Britain, Germany and Japan. These include illustrations, cartoons, logo designs, comic strips and cd covers.

Starting in 2007, Richy’s small press comic publisher Tempo Lush has gone on to produce several highly rated comics including the Tempo Lush Mini-Comics range, Bang! Crash! Whizz! (with artist Sally-Anne Hickman) and two volumes of the Tempo Lush Tales comics anthologies.

In 2011 Richy collaborated with manga artist and fashion illustrator Zarina Liew to produce the teenage romantic comedy comic book, Rosie and Jacinda. A second Rosie and Jacinda story followed in 2014.

Richy has produced work for several anthologies including Wu Wei, Score & Script, Accent UK’s Robot Anthology, A bit of Undigested Potato and Art Aid Nepal’s Home anthology.

Over two weekends in 2015 and 2016, Richy organised two comic creator retreats in South London. These resulted in two 5 person collaborations and the publication of children adventure comic Alidade and the experimental comic print collection Space Pilgrim.

Richy has written and drawn for Titan Comics including Adventure Time, Dreamworks’ Home, Almost Naked Animals as well as over 250 newspaper comic strips of Wallace and Gromit.

Richy illustrated The No Panic Book of Not Panicking published by Apples & Snakes. In October 2016, Richy’s Lucy the Octopus webcomic concluded after 4 years and 212 strips.

Richy is currently developing a graphic novel for Jessica Kingsley Publishers entitled When Are You Going to Get a Proper Job?

Richy has lived in the big city of London all his life, except in 2000-2001 when he lived in the even bigger city of Tokyo. He currently lives in South London with his wife, son, cat and two gerbils. Some nights their house flies off into space. Not every night though.